"We are living an extraordinary moment in the history of our planet. We are facing incredible environmental and social-economic challenges and uncertainties. Yet, in a vibrational Universe like ours and as a result of the awakenings caused by such events, we are also being presented with a great opportunity to co-create real change. We have to connect at a higher frequency of consciousness where conflict, victimization and fear are replaced with the desire to grow, love and expand. We can reach and sustain such consciousness on a global level by doing our own inner work first, by recalibrating our COHERENCE SETPOINT. Each one of us matters. Are you ready?"

"The key to conscious transformation is being able to make sense of our daily experiences and integrate the insights in a way that promotes positive change."

Miguel Franco

Our community includes independent thinkers and visionaries, women and men from all walks of life who come to this work to become more intentional about their evolutionary path. They are leaders and change makers who want to co-create a better planet and leave a legacy behind. Some have done deep spiritual and transformational work before coming to Conscious Path, others are just starting out on their journey of self exploration. Regardless, they all share the desire to achieve new levels of inspiration, creativity and purpose, which are the main hallmarks of an abundant person. They want to clarify and embody their best versions to manifest their deepest desires, and in the process transform this crazy planet of ours. If you also resonate with these aspirations you are a good fit for this work.

Miguel Franco

Founder - Conscious Path, LLC

Miguel Franco is a consciouspreneur whose writings and teachings on bio-energetics are pragmatic, concise and highly effective. He has been pioneering corporate mindfulness programs for over two decades and is an author, engaging speaker and a compassionate mentor/facilitator. Miguel has an engineering background and has also been a race car driver.