"We are living an extraordinary moment in the history of our planet. We are facing incredible environmental and social-economic challenges and uncertainties, including those reflected by our recent election and Brexit. Yet, in a vibrational Universe like ours and as a result of the awakenings caused by such events, we are also being presented with a great opportunity to co-create real change. We have to connect at a higher frequency of consciousness where conflict, victimization and fear are replaced with the desire to grow, love and expand. We can reach and sustain such consciousness on a global level by doing our own inner work first, by recalibrating our COHERENCE SETPOINT. Each one of us matters. Are you ready?"

"The key to conscious transformation is being able to make sense of our daily experiences and integrate the insights in a way that promotes positive change."

Miguel Franco

Our community includes independent thinkers and visionaries, women and men from all walks of life who come to this work to become more intentional about their evolutionary path. They are leaders and change makers who want to co-create a better planet and leave a legacy behind. Some have done deep spiritual and transformational work before coming to Conscious Path, others are just starting out on their journey of self exploration. Regardless, they all share the desire to achieve new levels of inspiration, creativity and purpose, which are the main hallmarks of an abundant person. They want to clarify and embody their best versions to manifest their deepest desires, and in the process transform this crazy planet of ours. If you also resonate with these aspirations you are a good fit for this work.

Miguel Franco

Founder - Conscious Path, LLC

Miguel Franco is a consciouspreneur whose writings and teachings on bio-energetics are pragmatic, concise and highly effective. He has been pioneering corporate mindfulness programs for over two decades and is an author, engaging speaker and a compassionate mentor/facilitator. Miguel has an engineering background and has also been a race car driver.

Miguel Franco's message

Our role as leaders in an evolutionary Universe is to transform consciousness and allow a much needed new social order to emerge. If we want to end old patterns that create poverty, racism, war, corruption, unemployment, environmental disasters, famine, hate, crime, illness, human trafficking, drug abuse, social, gender and sexual discrimination, etc ... we need to understand the purpose of our species. We can choose to evolve, or continue on the path of inevitable destruction.

A shift in consciousness is about transforming conditioning, or the malign programming that causes cognitive dissonance in our psyche. It is about changing our perception of who we really are as sentient beings, as conscious co-creators of our Universe. It is about transforming the perception of lack and fear, which has caused so many wars and outrageous cruelty since the beginning of the human race by the misuse of power. All we need to do to create such shifts is to be in vibrational coherence with the energy that we all came from. I call it Core Energy

What if we could see the true Essence of others, seeing them as energy patterns, as vibrations, as light, as Beings? Would we have less judgments and more understanding about them? Of course, as the essence of vibration transcends gender, skin pigmentation, belief systems and ethnicity. When we are in coherence with Core Energy we appreciate the diversity of the physical realm as we know we are creating it for our own evolution. Then, we would understand that our traditions, religions, philosophies, ideologies and political systems are just our creations and choices that we make, patterns that we choose to temporarily have an experience with, as usually we shift our perspectives during a lifetime. They don’t make us superior to others, or more spiritual. When we learn to read or perceive energy patterns we become more conscious of our vibrational nature, of what we are creating and manifesting as a result. When we are in coherence with our Being, our non-physical aspect, we become aware of our common origin, or Source, and are able to see others as true brothers and sisters. We can have our own unique preferences without judging others and the perspectives they provide. And we can always appreciate the positives in our differences.

As we open up to our perceptive abilities we would embark on a deep transformation as species, allowing us to see and consciously activate the good that is present in each one of us. My work on bio-energetics is my contribution to this shift. It can help us reach and sustain higher frequencies allowing us to become a conscious conduit to the Universe’s creative impulses to transform this planet with Love and appreciation.

As a transformational teacher and facilitator, my goal is to reframe the wisdom lessons from the past with new science based perspectives, processes and practices to further explore how the infinite intelligence that resides within each one of us can be consciously experienced and manifested in our lives. We just need to give our thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose, which is the essence of self leadership.

By embracing self leadership we become a conscious leader and a source of inspiration to those around us, and more able to transform relationships into co-creative adventures. My purpose is to facilitate this process for those who are ready to evolve consciousness on the planet. The power to change our individual destiny and the destiny of mankind is in our hands. Our future emerges from our current choices. As Abraham Maslow said: “ At every moment we have a choice. We can either step into growth or back into safety.” Let’s step into growth? Together we can create a planet that works for everyone.