Conscious Path offers a framework that delves deeply into the nature of consciousness and its manifestations in the physical realm. It is science based and integrates concepts and applications from quantum mechanics, neurobiology, positive psychology, sports performance, business models and consciousness studies. It is called Core Interactions Theory. It pulls together observations, laws, hypotheses and inferences to describe our perceived realities and who we really are. This theory is based on current scientific views of a Universe that is self-organizing and co-evolutionary. And its creative intelligence is within every cell of our body and manifests through us. As a theory, it is neutral to philosophies and traditions.

In a nutshell, Core Interactions is the exchange between Core Energy, or the energy that gave birth to our Universe, with our Essence, or individual self. This exchange takes place as our Essence interacts with our environments and circumstances. It creates intention and attention, drives our behavior and shapes our experiences. This interaction creates energy streams, which we can consciously manage and transform with our thoughts, feelings and actions, giving our lives more direction, flow and purpose. And this is what Self Leadership is all about.

Intention creates meaning. Attention gives form. Behavior produces results. And Experience is Consciousness, it is the lifeforce flowing through us. Simple, isn’t it? No need for mystical or dogmatic interpretations. As we take our awareness to higher frequencies, we can dissolve the lower vibrations that we have became accustomed to. 

The theory validates a Universe that evolves in collaborative partnership with every element in it. Core Energy manifests, evolves and transforms through our Essence in a co-creative process with everything in the Universe. This process becomes dependent on the vibrational coherence between Essence and Core. The frequency at which Essence vibrates is dependent on the clarity of the communication between our Body and Being. And this communication takes place through an interface that I refer to as our Ego. And the vibrational interactions between all parts take place through energy streams.

According to this model, life is the interaction of energy-information which coalesces into patterns through intention and manifests, for us humans, through thoughts and actions. According to science, energy-information is the essence of the Universe we live in, where interactions start at subatomic levels.

By understanding how we perceive and process the interactions of energy-information, we can consciously manage our life processes, giving them purpose, direction and form, allowing us to ultimately experience life from a state of wholeness. Core Interactions Theory clarifies how these processes take place and offers practical solutions on how to manage them. 

Core Interactions Theory also shows how our worldviews, or perceived realities, can be transient and born out of chaos. Worldviews are assumptions that create our life stories. They range from our state of health, financial and social status to relationships and sexual preferences. From religious and political views to moral standards, laws, rituals and social behaviors. From educational systems to careers and business models, from struggle to empowerment, etc... 

Through Core Interactions Theory we can observe how our sense of self, or identity, is built through our worldviews, and then consciously change them to create new ways to interact with the energy-information of the Universe. This observer/observed model requires that we let go of judgement and attachment in order to focus on the present moment. Then, from a neutral perspective, we can choose a path that is more appropriate for us in the present. 

As we consciously experience the results of our choices we can get back into the observer mode, learn from our experiences and evolve into new choices, processes and worldviews. As we evolve, we redefine our identity while triggering new life experiences. Growth comes from riding the waves created by our new realities and by stepping into the unknown. And what an exciting ride that can be!

So, if we can intentionally create shifts in Consciousness to vibrate at the frequency of Core Energy, which is something that we explore and practice in our courses, the power to change our individual destiny and the destiny of mankind is in our hands. Our future emerges from our current choices. And together we can create a planet that works better for everyone. It is very empowering to know something so simple yet so transformative. And our choices are dependent on our vibrational coherence with Core Energy.

The power of Core Interactions Theory is in its simplicity. It allows for a new understanding of how our life processes emerge into full consciousness, so we can transform and manage them. I recommend coming back to this page a few times after you finish a course and see if your understanding about this framework has shifted.