Evolutionary leaders, change makers and independent thinkers, welcome!

If you:

  • ... work in an organization
  • ... own a small business
  • ... are a solo professional

And are looking for ways to:

  • Gain more clarity to transform the issues at hand.
  • Expand your influence through wisdom, love and integrity.
  • Increase your energetic presence to inspire others into greatness.
  • Give your thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose.
  • Create or enhance a mindfulness practice through vibrational coherence.

Then most definitely check us out! 

Our products and services were designed for evolutionary leaders, change makers and independent thinkers like you. Our work has its foundations on Core Interactions Theory, an elegant science based framework developed by Conscious Path's founder, Miguel Franco, and embrace the principles of Self Leadership. Its perspectives, processes and practices integrate pragmatism, somatics and intuition in a seamless flow

"As a transformational teacher, my goal is to reframe the wisdom lessons from the past with new perspectives, processes and practices to further explore how the infinite intelligence that resides within each one of us can be consciously experienced and manifested in our lives. All we have to do is give our thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose, which is the essence of self leadership. By embracing self leadership we become a conscious leader and a source of inspiration to those around us, and more able to transform relationships into co-creative adventures. My purpose is to facilitate this process for those who are ready to evolve consciousness on the planet."

Miguel Franco, Conscious Path founder

Among our corporate clients were RayoVac, Toyota, SunPower, Sumitomo, Banco do Brasil, SOHO and Cyclades, and many professional organizations, such as GABA and BayBrazil. We have also worked with small business owners and professionals from a variety of fields, including doctors, race car drivers, engineers, therapists, sky divers, coaches, consultants, yoga/movement teachers and salespeople.

 Contact: [email protected]