"Miguel Franco has been my life coach and a great friend for years. In my last project, Zymi Group, the coaching from Miguel was instrumental in my process of creating a training program for young entrepreneurs in Brazil. His framework, Core Interactions Theory, is always mentioned in my training programs."

Daniel Dalarossa - Entrepreneur & Philantropist


"Words may not be enough to describe how impactful The Conscious Path to Self Leadership has been for my development. The process is structured, consistent, accessible, pleasant and has an attractive design. Without a shadow of doubt, it offers practical perspectives and tools for ongoing development. I'm recharged with enthusiasm and ready to start a new life cycle, trusting the path that was shown to me."

Renato de Camargo - Entrepreneur


"The Conscious Path to Self Leadership provides you with the tools to evaluate your priorities from a perspective that encompasses all aspects of life. Then you have the clarity to put your plans into action".

Elie Besso - Entrepreneur

 Listen to what they have to say about Miguel Franco and his work!


 "We invited Miguel Franco to facilitate a half-day Self Leadership playshop at our company, and our team was really interested in engaging with Miguel on a 3-month coaching program afterwards. We did the coaching program with very good results, team members were engaged and really appreciative of having the opportunity to work with Miguel on team dynamics as well as individual coaching sessions. Overall the workshop followed by coaching was really positive and we got a lot of value out of it, especially around open communication and trust between team members."

Gustavo Couto, PMP - Director, SunPower Corporation


"We enlisted Miguel to help the members of our team deal with the complexities of working in a cross-functional organization where the goals of our team are dependent on motivating people in other departments to work with and for us on our projects. This can be a very challenging situation as we regularly come across people from other departments who seem very reluctant/unwilling to work outside of their "silos".

Given that difficult people are inherent in most organizations, Miguel is helping us work through various approaches to take for motivating others and breaking down barriers. In many cases, motivating others comes from how we prepare ourselves mentally for these interactions. This involves grounding ourselves in the present, focusing our energy and having a clear vision. Miguel's techniques include internalizing these tools so we can use them to accomplish specific goals. I am already successfully using these techniques to help break down real and imagined barriers.

Additionally, we are working with Miguel to improve our personal leadership abilities and create a more cohesive and effective team. To this end, we discuss some of the challenges we face and Miguel shares some of his past experience and how he dealt with similar situations. This personal approach is extremely effective and coupled with some of the visualization exercises we perform, I have seen the level of trust and support among our team grow from week to week. In summary, I have been very happy with the results from our work with Miguel. He comes across as authentic, genuine and is a person of integrity. I feel we have received great value from our time together and look forward to our continued work with Miguel."

Jared Friedman, IESE MBA


"We are very appreciative that Miguel Franco shared his knowledge on effective leadership with our members, engaging the audience with practical exercises. I loved his playshop and how he explained the relationship between thought and feeling, giving us so many ideas to reflect upon."

Margarise Correa - BayBrazil Founder and CEO


"Miguel Franco is a very special person. I believe his concepts and techniques are extremely helpful for anyone willing to live a fulfilling life in the present while learning from the past and planning for the future." 

† Francisco Machado Campos - CEO - RAYOVAC


"Miguel's presentation is more than just a lecture. It is a contribution to the evolution of thought within the human resources field."

Nelson Alvarez - HR Director - Hospital Sao Luiz


"I attended a three month training program by Conscious Path and I learned more than I was expecting. Miguel Franco taught us many key personal and professional life skills. He also coached me on how to better manage my time, identify and prioritize my needs and how to practice and apply intentional visualizations in my daily activities, which improved my focus and performance. More importantly, I learned to pay attention to my body and found out that I had a hormone imbalance; treating this imbalance has created a huge shift in my life. Today I have a new job and feel like a completely different person, and my kids and husband are very grateful for that. I am very glad to have chosen Conscious Path and its services. Also, Miguel Franco is always there for me, offering support whenever I need realignment in my process."

Rosangela Altaffer - Insurance Broker


"Technical and sales training are not enough to reach quotas. Salespeople need mental stamina to keep their motivation up during the sales cycle in order to deliver consistent results. Miguel Franco's program really addresses this area. I've been using his tools and techniques for several years with excellent results and now I'm bringing the Winning Spirit to my entire sales team."

Vitor Eufrosino - Sales Director - Gambro Renal Products


"My professional life has benefited from the Energy Awareness Course in many levels. I now attend meetings, make decisions and handle deadline pressures with more confidence and without the stress. I can observe issues with more clarity and better manage my emotions, which has improved the communication with my team."

Levy Zylberman - Real Estate Developer

"Miguel's exercises not only increase concentration and performance but also inner peace and motivation." 

Roberto Moreno - Formula One / IndyCar driver

"The idea of focusing energy to move forward in life was the best concept I gained from Miguel's program."

Brian Fortin - Webmaster

"The tools that Conscious Path offers are immediately applicable to living a more productive and efficient life. The concept of resonance immediately struck a chord with me and I now touch upon it almost daily to encourage myself above and beyond the old norm and to stay energized and positive."

Wendy DeWitt - Performing/Recording Artist & Business Owner.


"I recently started using the Conscious Path kit for myself and for clients. I've found it to be a great alternative to referring clients to meditation tapes, as it offers a very systematized approach to building a practice of awareness of one's energies in order to achieve greater focus in one's life, and helps to achieve one's goals."

David Klein - Professional Coach, P.C.C., H.I.C.C.


"The Home Study Kit has helped me to keep focused on my objectives in moments of great uncertainty. I now optimize and direct my energy and feel more in charge of my life."

Marina Bracchi - Entrepreneur

"Enlightening, informative, amusing (presentation). It reinforced what I have learned over the years. I look forward to achieving my new goals and not letting middle age hold me back."

Norma Ploman - Nurse

"I've been practicing Miguel's exercises for several years. His coaching has helped me to deal with the external and internal pressures during competition allowing me to focus on one objective: to win races and championships."

Flavio Figueiredo - Touring Car Multiple Champion