How to experience more bliss in your relationships.

Uncategorized May 01, 2016

How to experience more bliss in your relationships!

by Miguel Franco


When we love another person, we experience blissful states such as communion, affection, creativity, joy and abundance. And in more intimate cases, erotic desire. We can experience similar states when we are in love with life, with business, with work or a cause. And of course, when we are in love with ourselves. When we fall out of love it can feel quite the opposite. We may experience bitterness, resentment, separation, guilt, anger, apathy and feel turned off. And some may experience depression, or even suicidal thoughts. A broken heart can also bring up a sense of loss or scarcity. As vibrations are binary, the presence of and the absence of Love are contained within the same wavelength, with different amplitudes. The part that gets activated is the one we put our attention on. So, how can we have more blissful experiences with ourselves and others? How can we attract and sustain loving relationships, and keep them vibrant?

We can intentionally activate a state of bliss by first establishing vibrational coherence with our Being, the non-physical aspect of ourselves. A quick way to do this is through an intentional visualization, such as a centering and grounding exercise, as it helps dissolve unwanted thoughts and feelings. When we are clear and free from any negativity created by our self judgements and distorted perceptions, we allow our hearts to open up to new possibilities. We can also do it pragmatically by clarifying what we want in life. Both approaches raise our creative frequency, allowing us to experience our desires even when they are not yet manifested in physical reality. 

When we are fully engaged with our personal and professional projects, the combination of excitement brought on by creativity with the passion generated by our self love becomes a magnetic force and a light for others. When we have clarity on what we want for ourselves and are free of contradictions, we experience inner peace, which is the foundation of blissful states. 

Creativity also propels us to take inspired action. As we move towards our desired objectives, sinchronicities and coincidences start to show up in our experiences, which raise our excitement levels. The more excited we feel, the more we want to create and vice-versa. As Maya Angelou put it “ You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” And there is nothing more exciting and pleasurable in life than co-creating with others. 

Bliss is a loving feeling and love is a blissful feeling. Since we are all co-creators, we can expand bliss and love with another person who shares the same intention. When you partner with someone who is committed to growth and expansion, blissful love becomes an exhilarating and ever present experience for both. Blissful love is present in all types of relationships, although the experience will vary from person to person according to the type of connection being shared.

The conscious path to blissful love in romantic relationships is very simple and there is nothing mystical about it. It requires that affinity and affection levels for each other are high enough to create a strong bond and also requires recognition and validation of each other’s preferences. We can engage with the preferences that are a vibrational match and give permission for individual exploration and expression for those which are not. For example, you may enjoy going to the movies together but not shopping. Or you may have a set of friends with completely different interests and enjoy spending time with them on your own. One partner may enjoy going to parties while the other may not, and so on and so forth. 

It is essential to have an open communication agreement based on mutual values to keep integrity intact, so knowing what our values are is extremely helpful. It is vital to develop a consistent and authentic way to relate based on sincere appreciation, kindness, forgiveness and generosity. Saying yes and no when we mean it cultivates authenticity and respect, and allows the relationship to mature and expand

Blissful love is created when a conscious interdependence or a reciprocal relationship exists between partners. This coherence helps to keep a positive momentum going and create feelings of abundance. It also regulates the polarities in a couple’s vibrational mix, including what is commonly referred to as masculine and feminine energy. 

Sharing life with someone who values this way of relating is a very blissful experience. A couple can continually renew and transform their personal structures knowing they are being mutually supported for their choices. There is no competition, only collaboration as each person inspires the other to be their best. It is a joyful and creative way to evolve together. Blissful love deepens with the passage of time and generates feelings of fulfillment and contentment. Vanessa and I have been experiencing blissful love for over 34 years and it continues to evolve! 

We can apply the same concepts and processes with people whom we are not romantically involved with, for example, family members, friends, co-workers and associates. How would it be to work with blissful people day in and day out? The main requisite to experience blissful love with others is to take full responsibility for ourselves first. We have to raise our frequency by bringing our Body and Being communication into present time. If we are not clear with ourselves, we can respond to others through the lenses of our filters, judgements and frustrations, sometimes in a reactive and negative way. We may manufacture interpretations based on our distorted perceptions from past experiences, which can negatively impact our relationships. 

The best way to be more present and increase our neutrality is to appreciate the goodness in every experience, in every exchange, regardless of our moods, preconceived ideas or response from others. Yes, this can be challenging but practicing this perspective can be life transforming. Our experiences are a direct result of our perceptions and interpretations of reality, which can trigger reactions within the whole emotional spectrum. When we become conscious of this process, we can use our interactions to raise our coherence setpoint by observing our triggers and choosing a different response the next time they are activated, breaking the reactive pattern. It takes lots of practice though ...

As we own our uniqueness and individuality, and take action from a place of authenticity and integrity, we gain more confidence and raise our self-esteem. All relationships can become a precious gift, even when conflicts arise, so we should do our best to keep relationships on good terms. We can honor or renegotiate our agreements to improve trust levels and to keep ourselves open to new co-creations. Of course, we can also terminate a relationship when appropriate, such as in a divorce or a business deal, but we can do it in a manner that doesn’t create resentments or guilt, allowing everyone involved to move on without scars

By consciously improving personal boundaries and communication with others, we become more compassionate, allowing our experiences to flow more organically. We experience life through the eyes and heart of the creator. We let go of expectations created by ourselves and others to focus on our core intentions and their benefits. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to expand and inspire others to do the same.

The conscious path to happiness excludes holding another person responsible for how we choose to feel and behave! This is important to understand as we are the only ones in charge of our vibrational mix. However, we tend to avoid taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions and may blame others or situations for our vibrational discord. This is common among some empaths whose moods oscillate wildly within the emotional spectrum as they tend to feed on drama around whoever they interact with. 

Others may trigger a shift in our vibration by creating situations or behaving in a way that can upset us, or take us out of our comfort zone, but we can always shift the way we interpret our experiences by returning to neutral and focusing on our intentions. The more we acknowledge that we create our interactions and resulting experiences for our own evolution, the more we can see them as opportunities for growth. As we take responsibility for our energy, we take ownership of our lives

According to Core Interactions Theory, when we put our attention on our core intentions, we become driven by our creativity, which becomes the gateway to our growth and evolution. When we are in vibrational coherence with our highest creative frequency, we don’t seek external validation to experience bliss, or worthiness. We ground and integrate our multidimensionality in a way that serves ourselves, as well as the planet, knowing that success resides in the enjoyment of the journey and not arriving at the destination, which is always a moving target. We gracefully evolve into new ways of Being, sharing ourselves with those who are harmonized with our intentions. Such relationships are valuable treasures and a source of bliss.

If you want to raise the bliss factor in your relationships and projects, please consider taking our free course Creative Frequency. It will help you further understand and harmonize your vibrational mix, and prepare you for new and exciting co-creative adventures.

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