Miguel Franco

Miguel Franco, founder of Conscious Path, LLC, is a consciouspreneur whose writings and teachings on bio-energetics are pragmatic, concise and highly effective. Miguel Franco has published personal growth books, audio and online trainings, and has been pioneering corporate mindfulness programs for over two decades. He is an engaging speaker and a compassionate mentor/facilitator. Miguel has an engineering background and has also been a race car driver. 

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In my early twenties I had a near death experience due to a car accident and spent almost a year immobilized in bed. Although I recovered, I did not realize how much this event would continue to affect me throughout my life. In my thirties I was enjoying a successful international career as a leader in the field of human consciousness. I was an author, speaker, coach and a facilitator of corporate programs on self-awareness, creativity and team spirit. I was also having a blast fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a sponsored race car driver. Life was fun and I was in the fast lane!

At the height of my success, I experienced an internal system crash that brought my life to another halt. I had to overcome a tumor, adrenal fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and chronic pain. Life wasn’t fun anymore and I had to hit the stop button as I entered my forties. It was a very humbling experience to say the least.

As a professional in the field of personal development and the healing arts, I was determined to figure out why this had happened to me, and transform the situation. It took me several years to improve my condition and I did it in a natural and holistic way. I also learned new ways to manage the ups and downs of the journey without depleting my energy.

In order to heal myself, I put my background in engineering and consciousness studies to good use and immersed my self in neurobiology, quantum physics, positive psychology, nutrition, fitness and other related subjects. As I gained new perspectives I developed a framework, Core Interactions Theory, to explain how our vibrational, or energetic states, manifest in our physical reality. As I explored and refined several processes to put the theory into practice, I improved my previous system. I changed my habits by creating simple practices that were manageable and enjoyable. I also put together a support team to assist me with my experiments and my life became a learning lab. Most importantly, I had the never ending and loving support from my wife Vanessa.

During my healing period I kept a small coaching practice to support myself. I also shared my work and findings through presentations and workshops, including to organizations in the Bay Area such as Cyclades, SunPower and BayBrazil. By integrating pragmatism and intuition, the model allows anyone to achieve vibrational coherence with their Essence, without the need of mystical interpretations or belief systems.

The processes and practices in the system are simple and effective. The key to transformation is being able to make sense of our experiences, and integrate the insights in a way that promotes positive change. And this is what my work is all about. As a transformational teacher, my goal is to reframe the wisdom lessons from the past and further explore how the infinite intelligence that resides within each one of us can be consciously experienced and manifested in our daily lives. All we have to do is give our thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose, which is the essence of self leadership.


I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since my early childhood I’ve been what many call an energetic sensitive, as I could sense energetic vibrations through seeing, hearing and feeling. It was a challenge to experience life from this heightened state of awareness, and from a very tender age I started looking for ways to understand and integrate my perceived realities.

When I was twelve, I started studying philosophy as my mother was a philosophy teacher, and also explored shamanic practices from the Brazilian indigenous people but I couldn’t find any practical tools to help control my sensitivity. When I was fourteen I started visiting spiritist centers and was introduced to the world of mediums and spiritual healings. Their philosophy and techniques helped me understand my sensitivity and gave me some relief.

After graduating in mechanical engineering and recovering from my car accident, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1981, where I furthered my research and studies, always applying the scientific method. By the mid 80‘s I started teaching a form of meditation that I call intentional visualization, which became an integral part of Perceptions, my first personal growth, energy management system.

I published my first book in Brazil in 1993 and co-founded a personal growth school in Sao Paulo called intuitiva. I was invited to facilitate my work at hospitals, universities and organizations, including international corporations such as Toyota and Rayovac. My second book about consciousness became a best seller among executives. During this time, I was a regular speaker at conferences and professional groups, including human resources and sales.